‘Not Even Shocking’ -Africa’s Andrew Tate Weighs In On Pregnant Martha Cheating On Her Husband With A Pastor

Africa’s very own Andrew Tate, Shadaya Tawona Knight decided to weigh on the trending Martha cheating scandal.

A Zambian  married woman only identified as Martha is trending on social after a video of her in a compromising position with a pastor went viral.

Martha was caught cheating by her husband with another man on their marital bed.

Shadaya Weighs In after man catches heavily pregnant wife in bed with a pastor (Image Credit: Screenshot from video)

In a series of tweets, Shadaya said the story of Martha cheating on her husband with a pastor is not very shocking at all. He said that it was womens nature to cheat or replace their partner with someone closeby or with someone that their partner already knows.

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“Martha (pregnant) cheating on her husband with her pastor, not even shocking when you understand f£male nature. With wom£n your replacement is always closer than you think. 9/10 times when sh£ cheats it’s always someone in her vicinity not a stranger…”

The controversial socialite sensationally claimed that women usually cheat on their partners with either an ex, bestie or a school mate.

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Either an ex, co worker/boss, school mate, the so called bestie or even one of your boys. And the beauty with wom£n is they always tell you who the other guy is. They hide their sides in plain sight. It’s that man she mentions almost on a daily in innocent conversations….

He went on to advise his male followers to observe the man their wives or girlfriends usually mentions almost on a daily basis.

That’s why when a w0man is constantly talking\complaining about an ex, guy, boss etc, she’s trying to quell your suspicions by constant reassurance. Observe from today, the man your w0man mentions almost on a daily, be it negative or positive, that’s the guy who’s gonna F h£r

He added that men should never trust any woman at face value.

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Never trust any w0man at face value, for they’re like hy£nas. Listening to them laugh you can vouch for their innocence but the harsh reality is they’re always plotting their next move. Learn or perish!!!

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