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Northern Elders Say Igbos Can Leave Nigeria

This nation has had to fight a terrible war to preserve the country. The North had paid its dues in that war, as indeed it did in many ways throughout the history of the country.

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) claims to have analyzed events and trends that indicate the country is heading for additional problems, including demand for Biafra and security issues.

In a statement released on Monday, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, Director of Publicity and Advocacy, stated that Nigerians today live in fear of violence and an unknown future.

The Nigerian State’s ability to secure citizens, safeguard the country’s territorial integrity, and resist violent assaults, according to NEF, is deteriorating to the point of making threats that have no effect.

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The elders bemoaned the fact that armed criminals have tightened their grip on the country.

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They added that irredentists are increasingly asserting their influence in the South East and some other parts.

Their statement said all Nigerians are paying the price of the failure of two sets of leaders.

“At the national level, the administration appears to have lost the capacity to halt the gradual descent of the country into anarchy. Political leaders in the South East appear to have submitted to violence and terror of IPOB and ESN.”

The NEF said it appeared the secession demand by Igbo represents the popular choice.

“This nation has had to fight a terrible war to preserve the country. The North had paid its dues in that war, as indeed it did in many ways throughout the history of the country.”

Baba-Ahmed noted that under the current circumstances, no Nigerian should welcome another war to keep the country together.

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The Northern leaders said the region has more than enough challenges, admitting they recognize that violent secession by any part of Nigeria will compound the problems all citizens live with.

The Forum declared that:

“If support for secession among the Igbo is as widespread as it is being made to look, and Igbo leadership appears to be in support of it, then the country should be advised not to stand in its way.”

Baba-Ahmed, however, said it will not be the best choice for the Igbo or other Nigerians to leave a country all toiled to build and have the responsibility to fix.

“It will not help a country already burdened with failures on its knees to fight another war to keep the Igbo in Nigeria”, the statement added.

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