Northern Elders Fume, Read What They Asked FG To Do To Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho And Other Secessionists

The Northern Elders‘ Forum has expressed its dissatisfaction with the calls for the breakup of Nigeria from some quarters of the country, and has called on the government to deal with those who are calling for the disintegration of Nigeria.

On Wednesday, the Chairman of the forum, Prof Ango Abdullahi, said that the Northern region has made huge sacrifices for the survival of Nigeria, and that in the 2023 general election, the North will think outside the box to elect better leaders.

The forum said that it does not believe breaking up is the solution to Nigeria’s problems, and called on the government to deal with those who are agitating for the disintegration of the country.

Speaking at the First Northern People’s Summit which was held at Arewa House yesterday, Prof Ango Abdullahi said that it will no longer be business as usual. And that we must send a message to those who are bent on killing people in the country that they are treading on a dangerous path, and that they must stop it.

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He said that it is not proper for innocent Northerners to be used as pawns in the game of politics by political elites who cannot win the support of the people without resorting to the use of thugs and intimidation of Northerners.

He said that the North has paid a huge price for the survival of Nigeria, and will continue to make sacrifices for the survival of the country to the level that it will serve everyone’s interest. He said that they do not think secession is the solution to the country’s problems, and asked the federal government to handle the secessionists with the seriousness that they require.

He called on the Northerners to lead the way in finding solutions to the problems facing the Northern region, and to also collaborate with other Nigerians to find solutions to the challenges facing the country.

Speaking about the secessionists in the country, we already know some of them.

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One of them is the leader of the proscribed IPOB group Nnamdi Kanu. Nnamdi Kanu has been agitating for the separation of Biafra from Nigeria, alleging that the Igbos are not treated equally in the country. The IPOB group has unleashed series of violent activities in the South-East, all engineered towards achieving their selfish aim.

The self-acclaimed freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho also caused a stir some weeks ago when he released a statement saying that the Yoruba nation was no longer part of Nigeria. He alleged that the Yorubas have not benefitted anything from the Nigerian government, and that they are ready to walk away, and are not afraid of what the Nigerian government will do to them.

Former militant leader Asari Dokubo also caused a media storm some days ago when he dared the President Buhari government and proclaimed a Biafra defacto Customary Government. He said that they wanted to walk away peacefully and do not want to exchange gunfire with anyone, and went ahead to list names of people who would function in leadership positions in the new government.

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The Northern Elders’ Forum wants the federal government to deal with all these people, because they believe the secessionists are part of the problems Nigeria has.

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Credit: Sahara Reporters.

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