North Korea’s latest show of force included ‘missile that evades detection’


North Korea latest show of brute force included a Russian-style missile that can reportedly avoid detection.

The hermit state has already tested four destructive missiles in 2022.

In the latest demonstration on January 17, Kim Jong-un’s military fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles eastward from an airfield in Pyongyang.

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), the Russian-style projectiles were launched from Sunan airport at 8.50am and 8.54am, flying at around 380 kilometres at an altitude of 42 km.

Sources say the missiles travelled at five times the speed of sound in the weapons test which is aiming and enhance the accuracy of the weapons.

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The Academy of Defense Science has confirmed the accuracy, safety, and operational effectiveness of this weapon system as the two missiles hit an island target in the East Sea of Korea with precision.

The latest test of a tactical guided missile apparently included a projectile that can avoid detection

An official told Yonhap News Agency: “For additional information, including intentions behind the North’s recent series of short-range ballistic missile launches, the intelligence authorities of South Korea and the United States are conducting a detailed analysis.”

South Korea’s military is believed to have the capability to both detect and intercept the projectiles in question and has continuously been reinforcing its system to respond to them.

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Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong-un overseeing the launch of a “hypersonic” missile modelled after Russian weapons

The JCS believe the weapon named KN-23 could be modelled after Russia’s Iskander mobile ballistic missile which is known to employ a so-called pull-up manoeuvre to avoid interception from enemies.

However, other observers have compared it to the US Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), called the KN-24, which also has the ability to fly in a complicated trajectory.

The fourth launch comes after Kim Jong-un promised to enhance his military in response to an unstable international outlook in his New Year message.

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Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un pledged to change his military outlook in his New Year speech

All North Korean ballistic missiles and nuclear tests have been banned by UN Security Council’s resolutions, according to CNN.

The country has said it is open to discussions with the United States if they drop “hostile policies” including sanctions.

North Korea argue that missile tests and other military activities are vital for self-defence and are similar to those undertaken by other nations.


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