Actress Osoba Temitope reveals she had a crush on Don Jazzy for 7 years (Video)


it appears it wasn’t a girlish fantasy as the actress, seven years after, still seems to have a thing or two for the ace producer, if the TikTok video she did days ago has any substance in it.

The actress, like so many celebrities, probably shaking off boredom occasioned by the lockdown, made a video of herself in a romantic conversation with her supposed crush, Don Jazzy! Temitope responded to In one of his infamous Tiktok videos, The Mavin Boss broke down after miming a plot of woman confirming her unrequited love to her partner.

The video painted a breakup scenario as we begin to wonder if don jazzy was in a secret relationship as he was heard sobbing in the video while asking the lady at the other end if she ever loved him before the alleged breakup.

Teary Don Jazzy was asking the sobbing actress and her reply was, “I don’t know.” Only her distraught face showed otherwise. However, the question remains: Does Temitope Osoba still have a crush on Don Jazzy? It must be noted that the video was made by an app called TikTok and Don Jazzy had no real hand in the drama. It was all creation of the actress.

Watch the video below:

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