‘No one celebrated my life when I had ghastly accident, fake love everywhere’ – Yul Edochie

Actor turned politician, Yul Edochie has taken to social media speak about the ‘fake love’ people show to dead people.

According to him, celebrating people when they are alive is better than celebrating people when they are dead, stressing than doing the latter is an absolute waste of resources.

Using himself as an example he said that when he had a near-death car crash, nobody celebrated him but if he had died, they would have turned up to celebrate his life with expensive aso ebi, showing ‘fake love’.

“I survived a terrible accident & nobody came to celebrate my life. If I had died many asoebi groups would turn up to celebrate my life, fake love everywhere, someone will even choose to buy a 10million naira casket to bury me. We must change the way we reason as a people,” he tweeted

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