Nigerians share their Juju experience while on the job People engage in different things to attain success in their businesses, some believe in using juju and some believe in hardworking.

Fujioka Some Nigerians have taken to Twitter to share their experience with fetish activities popularly referred to as Juju while working on their various jobs.

In what could be considered as mere fallacy, it was so surprising to see elites and people that are seemingly learned narrate their real-life experiences with fetish materials.

Read some of the experience below:

An Ex Gov from SS once told me a creepy story of how a Big construction coy faced so much challenges in this community. A lot of their equipments kept sinking in2 d ground anytime they went to site.He had to go there himself to prevail on d community to allow them do their job”

Dad once told me about a road job they did for Lagos state govt. Every time on site the new machinery would break down. Until the then gov decided to arrest all the chiefs in the area in the guise of a get together and released them after a strong threat. The road is complete now”
“At Dangote Fertilizer site there is a no ‘go area’ (a shrine) can’t remember the name. Dangote contractors lost men and equipments for daring the shrine. It is a well known story around Ibeju-lekki.
“I’ve actually heard of the repairs of a 1500Kva Generator. This is totally different from ur question but looks similar. Repair contract was taken from a Mechanic and given to another man. The new man commenced work, d moment he puts his hands on the gen set, he ran out trying todo Somersault. Guys around held him, his boys rushed him to a babalawo. Next few days he came back to pack all his tools”
The former man planted a juju at the site. If you’re not strong spiritually, don’t take a job with a lot of issues on it between owner and some contractors.


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