Nigerian Soldiers Reportedly Assault, Arrest Voice Of America Journalist For Interviewing Residents Of Oyigbo In Rivers State

Grace Abdu, a journalist with Voice Of America, was on Saturday attacked and captured by Nigerian officers for ‘talking with occupants of Oyigbo in Rivers State’.

SaharaReporters assembled that Abdu was unlawfully arrested by the soldiers for a few hours.

“She went there around 11, so around 12pm, the soldiers saw her and arrested her. They also seized her equipment. She was kept at the Army Post in Oyigbo for several hours before they released her this evening,” a source told newsmen.

Recall that military agents were conveyed to Oyigbo in the midst of the viciousness that broke out in the town after some supposed Biafran instigators conflicted with security specialists.

The officers have, in any case, been blamed for extra-legal killings and maltreatment of basic freedoms.

The security agents are purportedly moving from house to house executing individuals.

Likewise Amnesty International said it got reports that soldiers were attacking homes and that “a few inhabitants revealed seeing dead bodies in the city,” purportedly shot by warriors, yet the military denied this charge.

“Amnesty International is receiving disturbing information from Oyigbo, Rivers State.

“Despite the existing curfew, soldiers are allegedly invading homes. Some residents reported seeing dead bodies on the street, allegedly shot by soldiers.

“We are calling on the military authorities to exercise restraint and stop the killings,” the organisation tweeted.


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