Timi Dakolo Covers The Guardian Life In Grand Style

Singer and songwriter, Timi Dakolo covers the latest edition of The Guardian Life.

He spoke about his music carrer, referring to himself  as a blend of everything and everybody…

“Timi Dakolo is a blend of everything and everybody. I am a bit of a lot of things that I have imbibed overtime. I am an art not an artist. I see myself as an art. When I am singing, I am seeing myself from the position that I am an art that will resonate for a long time,” he said.

And he also talked about his wife’s role in his music …

““I would say she plays a lot of roles. For instance, I read a lot of music books and practice a lot but you understand when I say there are times life issues come to you and you are doing everything else except what you love. In moments like this, she would come at me with ‘I haven’t seen you practice in a long while.’ This lets you know there is a watch person behind you but that is only just one part.

“Another part is when you are trying to write a love song and you are coming from experience or telling the person you are supposed to tell from the mindset that you mean it. She serves as a muse and the figure to say certain things.”

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