Niger Delta Militants Threaten To Resume Hostility

There is a viral video shared on AIT, which had the militants accusing the Federal government of abandoning the region, leaving it without basic amenities such as roads and schools, and other infrastructure. The leader of the militant read out a note mentioning that they would employ to register their displeasure, while they plan to destroy a lot of infrastructures in Abuja and Lagos as well as oil facilities both onshore and offshore.

”The military that ought to protect properties have turned themselves into militaries of killing, raping and maiming innocent individuals and rending our youths jobless.

So many others have decided to treat us in the same manner. 

Don’t worry because we are coming to destroy all your infrastructures in Abuja and Lagos. Even to the oil companies operating in our region that have decided to undermine our people, be rest assured that your days would soon catch up with you.

Due to the insensitive nature of the Nigerian government on issues that are bothering its citizens, today the country is in turmoil. Protest everywhere and strike in several sectors. The EndSARS protest that took place almost crippled the nation’s economy. It is amongst such ill-treatments that gave birth to this unprecedented protest.

Nigerian government ought to give its citizens good governance. Today, the various zones in the country are calling for the division of the country called Nigeria.

So as a group determined to give total liberation of her people, we will destroy all the oil facilities both onshore and offshore in no distant time. We will be seen to be crippling the Nigerian economy in no distant time as well.”

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