Zambia’s education minister, David Mabumba, sacked for allegedly indecent video

After reportedly masturbating in a leaked sex video that went viral on social media, Education Minister, David Mabumba, has been sacked by Zambia President, Edgar Lungu.

In the viral video, the Education Minister David Mabumba appeared to be video sexting with a woman who was not part of the clip leaked online.

“I have relieved Minister of General Education Hon David Mabumba of his duty with immediate effect. I have thanked him for the services he rendered to Government and wished him well in his future endeavours,” a statement from the President Lungu’s spokesman Isaac Chipampe said.

The statement added that Dr Dennis Wanchinga, who is the minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection will move to the Ministry of General Education in the same capacity.

Earlier in the morning, videos of a man who looks like him went viral and the man was naked and masturbating.

Mr Mabumba, who previously also served as energy minister, has not commented not denied he was the man in the videos. He has also not commented on his dismissal.

Police say they are investigating the matter while the National Guidance Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has urged the public to stop circulating the video.

Ms Sumaili has told the local media it is unethical and immoral for people to continue circulating the video.

But that has not stopped the social media frenzy but the video continues to trend.

Many Gambians believe they are being asked to stop circulating the video because it is that of the ‘dismissed minister’.

Zambia’s education minister, David Mabumba, sacked over viral sex video




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