Why you need to be careful while buying face masks from hawkers

Due to the current situation in the country which has made using of face masks compulsory in public places, it is also very essential to be careful while buying face masks for safety purposes as well.

Face Masks

Since every one is now mandated to wear face masks, different vendors and hawkers have sprung up selling all kinds of the protective gear.

However you need to be careful while buying one so you don’t end up with the virus.

Read this eye-opening piece a Nigerian man shared on social media:

I think we should be very careful about the usage of these locally made face masks because of what I saw today. I was in a bus where a passenger called a face mask seller.

After asking for the price, he took one and put it on. He immediately told the seller that he wanted to make another choice. He finally paid for one after putting on about 5 different types. I noticed it and told the man the implication of what he has just done and he became so sober.

Even other passengers were looking fearful because what I said was true. Now, what if that man has the virus, he has succeeded in affecting those masks without knowing.

These infected masks will be bought by other innocent people. It is also possible that is how these facemask hawkers allow buyers to first put it on before they buy.

There is a high possibility the virus can be spread easily this way. For those of us who patronize these local hawkers, let be careful and vigilant.


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