SARS Police officers strike again kidnaps lady in front of her house

Just after being banned, SARS strikes again!!! Nigerian Lady cries out that SARS Police officers just kidnapped her sister in front of their home. The lady said the SARS officers followed her to the house, slapped her mum, and shot their guns before abducting her sister.

The young lady abducted by the SARS men goes by the name Abisola Ajayi popularly known as Paulette, a 25 years old lawyer.

@_turayo_ posted the video on her Instagram page where she seeks the attention of people to come to the aid of her family.

in the video she cried out, saying;

Help!!!, somebody please come and help us o! They just took my sister, they just took my sister, help! please if you know you hear me we need your help, please we need your help the SARs people just took my sister, They followed her to the house and took my sister, please help, please help, these SARs people took my sister!!!

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