Peak of Covid-19 is in August, Pastor Tunde Bakare strongly opposes reopening of churches

As religious centers begin to resume operations gradually, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Pastor Tunde Bakare, the serving Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church (CGCC), has warned against the reopening of churches as directed by the Lagos State Government.

During his online sermon on Sunday, he urged Christians not to let any religious leader or government official, to lead them like a sheep to the slaughterhouse.

“I have to appeal to you once again, please keep safe and do your best to stay alive. Do not let anyone, whether religious leader or governmental leader, to drive you like a sheep to the slaughter”, Bakare, whose church used to be known as The Latter Rain Assembly said.

“If they (the government and the disease control authorities) said that the month of August is going to be the peak of the infection, why should they ask people to rush in (re-open the churches) again?

Few weeks ago, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Akin Abayomi, said that the state may experience the peak of coronavirus by August.

Speaking at a press briefing on Thursday, Mr Abayomi said that the COVID-19 prediction model of the state holds that the pandemic will soon reach its peak, followed by the flattening of the curve and a gradual decline in the number of cases.

“We believe that in the next week or two, we are going to see an increase in both the private sector testing and public laboratory testing.

“We are still seeing a gentle increase in the number of cases overtime cumulatively. Lagos will theoretically peak in the month of August, it will flatten out and over some time, we will see a decline,” Mr Abayomi said.

The commissioner earlier said the state will record between 90,000 to 120,000 positive cases by July or August.

When asked whether the state is still going by the model, the commissioner said the model is already playing out.

“For every one person that tested positive, there are probably 10 people that are positive and have not been tested.”

The commissioner said Lagos having about 13,000 confirmed cases as of July shows that there are 130,000 overall going by the calculation.

As of Thursday, Lagos has conducted over 56, 276 COVID-19 tests, out of which 13,543 came back positive

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