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Nigerians slam Seyi Makinde and PDP for holding a political rally amid Coronavirus crisis



Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde has been receiving some trolls and dents on his name on twitter from Nigerians who believe that he is wrong for holding a political rally during the coronavirus outbreak.

It was reported yesterday in Ekiti by the state Governor that there is a case of coronavirus in the state.  The patient is a driver who drove an American Caucasian around from the moment he arrived at the Lagos international Airport on March 3.

It was revealed that the American man, his female caregiver, and the driver went to Ibadan, Oyo State, where they stayed for two weeks before driving down to Ekiti when the American man got sick and died.

After the driver who chauffered the American visitor around tested positive to Coronavirus, it was revealed that contact tracing will have to include Oyo state where the group spent two weeks.

Despite the developments, the PDP held a rally in Ibadan, Oyo state, something that is advised against amid the Coronavirus crisis.

See reactions by Nigerians on Twitter below;

@borie_nla: For the records Seyi Makinde and his team were in Florida in March 4th , they held a mega rally in Ibadan yesterday the 18th , the 14 day self isolation period wasn’t observed .

@Iam_Oscar1: Imagine that political rally was done by Ganduje, this naija Twitter for no contain usFace with tears of joy

@Hitee_: Governor Seyi Makinde messed up yesterday , he can’t say he didn’t get prior information with respect to the brewing case in the city but he chose politics

This is highly irresponsible.

@okeyjames: You people need to stop this blind politics nonsense that you are playing.

Seyi Makinde went for a rally at a time when he shouldn’t have thought of it. He alongside others should be criticise.

This stupid partisan politics would be the end of all of us if we are not careful.

@femiadebimpe: The bubble that Seyi Makinde was living in- created by social media praises for doing nothing beyond what is the norm among his peers- has caught up with him. Unfortunately, it may have caught with a lot more than him now.


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