Medical experts slam Trump for suggesting injecting disinfectant as Coronavirus treatment

After President of the United States, Donald Trump suggested the use of sunlight and injecting disinfectant as coronavirus treatment, medical experts as slammed him for such suggestion.


He made the suggestion of injecting disinfectants into the body after the US Department of Homeland Security Acting Undersecretary William Bryan addressed research and development at Thursday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing.

Several doctors have now warned the public against injecting disinfectant or using UV light. They warned the president’s idea could have fatal results.

Robert Reich, a professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley and a former labor secretary, tweeted:

“Trump’s briefings are actively endangering the public’s health. Boycott the propaganda. Listen to the experts. And please don’t drink disinfectant.”

Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, added:

“It is incomprehensible to me that a moron like this holds the highest office in the land and that there exist people stupid enough to think this is OK. I can’t believe that in 2020 I have to caution anyone listening to the president that injecting disinfectant could kill you.”

Pulmonologist Dr Vin Gupta told NBC News :

“This notion of injecting or ingesting any type of cleansing product into the body is irresponsible and it’s dangerous.

“It’s a common method that people utilise when they want to kill themselves.”

Kashif Mahmood, a doctor in Charleston, West Virginia, tweeted :

“As a physician, I can’t recommend injecting disinfectant into the lungs or using UV radiation inside the body to treat Covid-19.

“Don’t take medical advice from Trump.”

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