Man cries for justice after wife stabbed him at their home and ran away with their child in Edo State.

A man identified as Ephraim Iyamah is seeking justice after his wife of a year-and-a -few months, Jennifer allegedly stabbed him at their residence and ran away with their child in Benin, Edo State.

According to the victim, he had questioned her about her movement and why she returned home late considering she’s a mother-of-one and she retaliated by allegedly engaging in a scuffle and stabbing him.

“ It happened one month before our 1yr wedding anniversary. Her brother was around that night and I told her to behave like a mother because she came home very late at night.

This woman whom I once love stabbed me. I was rushed to the hospital and when I survived and returned home, she had left with my son, and took my ATM card, and withdrew all the money in my account. Up till now, I haven’t seen my son. I’m sharing my story because I want the world to know that men too suffer domestic violence,” he said.

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