Large wild creature spotted prowling restlessly around the streets of Eastbourne – and it ‘looks hungry’

A WILD cat reportedly “bigger than a Great Dane” has been spotted prowling the streets of Eastbourne.

CCTV images show what appears to be a large, slender creature that looks like a cat as it roams along the street.

The images were captured outside Sandy Bawa’s home in East Sussex just before 6am on Sunday.

Sandy said: “It’s not a dog or something. I just installed the CCTV and I have got foxes almost every day and it isn’t that. This is nothing like the other animals I have seen.

“It’s some sort of wild cat I think. It’s bigger than a Great Dane dog and the face is like a cat.”

Sandy said she is not scared of the unknown animal but that she does feel sorry for it as it looked hungry.

“It looks very weak. I’m all for animals. They have as much right as we do to be here,” she said.

This is nothing like the other animals I have seen

Sandy said she has been checking her CCTV every day since the sighting just in case the unknown animal reappears in front of her house.

She also showed the footage to her friend Ann Newton-Marcial, who initially believed it might be a horse.

Ann said: “It does look big. The wall in front of her house isn’t very large. The animal is huge and we think it is a big cat.

“She was quite shocked by it and so was I. Has anyone else reported it?”

Dr Andrew Hemmings, of the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, has warned there could be up to 500 ‘big cats’ roaming around the British countryside.

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He thinks there could be around 250 black leopards and 250 pumas in the wild.

Last month, dramatic footage showed a “big cat” prowling farmland in Staffordshire.

In June, a sheep and a lamb were stripped to the bone by a suspected big cat near South Cerney in Gloucestershire.

A black cat was seen prowling in Devon close to a decapitated lamb in May, while in August a big cat was seen walking in a park in Cambridge.

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