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Coronavirus Will Never DIE, God Wants Everyone On Compulsory Holiday – Adeboye Enoch reveals (Video)



Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has taken to the pulpit to release what God told him specifically about coronavirus, which has been killing thousands.

Pastor Adeboye said that when he was releasing the 2020 prophesy for the year, that God told him that the whole world will be on compulsory holiday.  He said when God told him this, he assumed God meant something like 9/11, so he felt announcing it might lead to his arrest so he kept quiet.

But after the out-break of Coronavirus it  became clearer to him, which prompted him to reveal exactly what God told him about Coronavirus.

Read his revelation:

“God wants to show the world that he is still in control so if you think you are big he will compel you to stay at home for at least two weeks.
And with the recent happenings, the world by now should know that there is a GOD.
So enjoy your compulsory holiday declared by from heaven”

And on why God used a plaque that has been killing innocent people to show Himself, the man of God stressed that the number of people who have died because of malaria, accident and other diseases far exceed that of Coronavirus.

He emphasized again that Coronavirus is a pestilence declared to make noise for a purpose, which is to get the attention of the world.

However, he stated that Coronavirus will subside but WILL NOT DIE.

“Coronavirus will subside just like ebola and other plaques and hopefully stay in the background if God does not need it again but that it will die ‘na lie’ it has come to stay. So that next time the world wants to show that they are greater than Him he will show he is greater…” He said.

And on critics who will likely mock what he reacted;

“They will mock Him(God) but ignore them as the most important thing is that you are saved”
And about maintaining hygiene, the clergyman said,”maintain strict hygiene at home cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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