Confusion as Gov Gaduje reports 74 new cases of coronavirus in Kano while NCDC reports 4

Confusion as reports of the new confirmed cases in Kano state by Governor Gaduje and NCDC has shown wide disparity.

Governor Gaduje,On Saturday, 25 April, 2020, during a press briefing, announced there are 74 new cases of the coronavirus in Kano but according to the report from Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), as at 11.55pm same day, only 4 cases were confirmed in Kano.

Newsmen reports that Ganduje, during the briefing said out of 489 samples, 74 tested positive.

“We’ve taken samples of 489 people, out of these number 74 were confirmed positive for the virus,” Daily Independent quoted him as saying.

Nigerians have also taken to their social media pages to react to the incident, see some below;

Governor Ganduje confirmed 74 cases earlier today in Kano State while NCDC reported just 4 cases. Who are we going to believe. I weep for this Country, it’s a fvcking joke. – @Famous_Anfield

Ganduje confirmed 74 Covid-19 cases in Kano State earlier, Remember no one was tested in the last 3 days but He confirmed 74 cases and NCDC reported only 4 cases today. – @Mus6ey

Nigeria is a scam af. Ganduje confirms 74 cases in Kano today, now NCDC reports 4 positive cases as of recent, I am confused who’s lying between them?Thinking face – @__usyy

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