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Cheating husband contacts covid-19 when going on secret break with his concubine



While coronavirus pandemic increases, a cheating husband contacts coronavirus while on a promiscuous break to Italy with his concubine. It was gathered that the man  is now quarantined and already in isolation in the United Kingdom with his legal wife who is ignorant of how he contacted it.

The wife of the said man is currently in the UK looking after her husband which she knows nothing about how her partner contacted Covid-19. However, the man has revealed to medical coordinators in the north of England how he caught it.

The sun reported that the man who is working in a ‘high-flying job’ has refused to reveal the name of the lady he has been seeing and traveled with.

From a source: “His case would be funny if it wasn’t quite so serious”

The man actually confessed why he was in Italy to the medical team but his wife has no knowledge of he’d been up to in Italy.

The man has chosen to keep the name of the mistress from everyone and he frankly said ‘nothing will persuade him to name his mistress’.

Although, the wife of this man thought he just picked up the disease on his business trip away.

The man is abruptly panic of the thought of his wife finding out, and he is expected of making full recovery as soon as possible.

It’s no more a news that the spread of thjs virus has increased and it has entered lots of countries which they have recorded lost of lives and many are in isolation. In the UK, the number of confirmed cases have increased to 1,543, while more than 50 people have died from the virus.

But the source said he’s relieved he got back before flights were cancelled and he had to explain to his wife where he’d been.


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