Fresh pictures of ‘severely ill’ dictator Vladimir Putin appear to show the enfeebled dictator gripping onto a table so hard his hand bulges – adding credence to the rumours that he’s not long for this world.

Since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February, there has been intense speculation on his health with the despot rumoured to suffer from severe cancer and Parkinsons’ disease.

And as criticism of Russia’s inglorious leader has increased, his public appearances have grown few and far between, with each fresh sighting showing the ‘strong man’ noticeably weaker.

In the new picture, taken in a meeting with Sergey Kulikov, RusNano State Corporation CEO, Vlad’s hand is firmly gripping the table to the extent his veins are bulging.

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Putin is seen holding on to the table constantly with the veins on his hand on full display.

The meeting has sparked further health rumours

In another photo, a dimple in Putin’s thumb is visible from the pressure of gripping the desk as he handles some paperwork.

One way of minimising a spasm, caused by such diseases, is to tense the muscle in the affected area, or grip something.

Vladimir Putin’s possessive relationship with furniture has been well documented as this is not the first time he’s gotten to grips with inanimate objects.

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He was previously seen gripping a table for 13 minutes straight in a meeting released by Russian state TV.

Vladimir Putin meeting St Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov on March 1
Vladimir Putin meeting St Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov on March 1

Ever the pathetic warlord, rumours abound that the Russian strongman may have only invaded Ukraine in part because he has some form of degenerative illness in a bid to enshrine his legacy in Russian history.

At the start of March speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, a US intelligence source said Putin’s “puffy face” was a sign he was undergoing treatment for terminal bowel cancer.

The Pentagon source said: “Our people are confident he is ill.”

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They added: “His look suggests he is in pain and our people suggest his angry look is most likely as a result of him being in agony.”

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