“Never compare me to those rat” Bobrisky blows hot


Popular celebrity crossdresser Bobrisky took to his Instagram page to flaunt the millions of naira she earned for the day’s job.

Bobrisky flaunt millions

The brand influencer took a screenshot of her bank account balance as she flaunts it to pepper her haters who are doubting that she isn’t making millions from being her business and lifestyle and to those trying to compete with her.

The screenshot shows that she has about N4.5M naira deposited into her account for today.

Here’s what she wrote;
“I’m the only person making millions daily and indoors without stress? Today’s 16th April is 14,500,000. Let’s see how much I will make tomorrow. Never compare me to those rats”

Bobrisky flaunt millions

In her subsequent post she wrote;

Haaaaaaaaaaa another one. 11 figures close to one billion. I covered 2 digiit o. Count the figures. I’m not one of those your favorite IG showing off without nothing for their account. Catch your sub. Learn from me.

Bobrisky flaunt millions

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