A video shows a pair of toddlers being thrown from a burning building by their terrified mum.

In the clip, filmed in the US city of Indianapolis, the mum is screaming for help and desperate to save her children from the fire.

She shouts: “Please help me! Help me! Please hurry. I can’t breathe. I have my kids in here.”

Police bodycam shows the officers reaching out their arms to catch the toddlers as the panicked mum drops them from the apartment to safety.

A cop, identified as Officer Carroll, tells the parent: “Ma’am, can you hear me? Ma’am, do you want to try passing them down to me?”

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The woman drops a screaming toddler and Officer Carroll is able to catch the child.

An officer reaches for a child

A second child is dropped to safety and the mum follows her children by jumping out last.

“Is anyone else in there?” asks one of the officers.

“No,” replies the mother after landing hard on the ground.

“You guys are so brave,” says another cop at the scene, identified as Officer Hupp.

He says: “One day, you’re going to get to tell a story about how you jumped out a two-story window.

“You and your badass mom, out here jumping out a window – you’re like Spiderman!”

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He catches the toddler and everyone is safe
He catches the toddler and everyone is safe

It’s not clear if there were any injuries caused as a result of the fire, which Indianapolis Fire Department said happened at around 3.30 am on April 11.

The fire is believed to have been caused by a pensioner knocking over a burning candle.

This comes after a dramatic house fire and explosion on Easter Sunday which saw flames as high as a house tower over buildings.

Tragically, a five-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl have died in another house fire where people were trapped inside.

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