Molly Kilete, Abuja
A Rear Admiral in the Nigerian Navy, Ibrahim Dewu, narrowly escaped death in Abuja, when a car driving at top speed along the Kubwa express road veered into his convoy, separating his car from the escorts vehicle.
The intruding car was said to have nearly pushed the Admirals official car into a gutter but for sheer luck and expertise of the driver who was able to bring the vehicle to a stop.
Alarmed by the incident which looked like a plan assassination on the naval officer, Daily Sun, gathered that Rear Admiral, ibrahim Dewu, restrained the escorts from opening fire on the offending car, as they feared it belonged to kidnappers.
It was gathered that even when the offending car stopped, the driver refused to come down to apologise, prompting the escorts to drag him out of the car while a shouting match ensued.
Not wanting to cause a scene from the unwarranted provocation, the senior officer reported the matter to FCT Police Command and Naval Provost for investigations.
It was also gathered that allegations of brutality being claimed by occupants of the offending car were spurious as the incident which happened last monday was being investigated by the police.
When contacted on the matter, the Director oNaval Information, Commodore Suleman-Dahun confirmed the incident but said it was being handled administratively.
“I confirm there was a misunderstanding between the Admiral’s convoy and some person who claim to be a Police officer.
“The matter is being resolved administratively.”

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