Mzansi Urges Faith Nketsi To Fire Her Older Domestic Helper “UAunty” For Blatant Disrespect


Mzansi has urged media personality Faith Nketsi to fire her older domestic helper for her lack of respect.

This comes after the frustrated reality television star took to social media to vent her frustrations with her new domestic helper.

Faith Nketsi revealed that she had hired the domestic helper without meeting her first following recommendations by some family members.

Queen Twerk wrote,


“GUYS! Sizani. Uaunty is great at what she does ne. But for some reason, I get a weird vibe when I ask her to assist me, but I thought I won’t address it because it could just be in my head.

“Before I carry on,she was referred to us by a family members aunty…So we just hired her without meeting her (our mistake).”

Faith Nketsi said that her new domestic helper, whom she calls ‘UAunty’ was much older than she had been told.

“We were told that she was 40 but she arrived I found out that she actually 50 and she gave me a whole explanation about her ID faults. Ok fine, I let it slide”



[Images: Instagram/Faith Nketsi]

However, over time, the new domestic helper appeared to respond poorly to instructions issued by Faith. She also complained constantly about being tired and ill.

“Time went on and UAunty is always complaining about being sick, therefore can she rest.. ok cool, my mom would give her meds and we obviously didn’t mind, untill it started happening a lot.

“2: I told her that when Ubaba has a meeting at home can she please offer guests something to drink and she gave off that vibe and told me that she doesn’t know how to make tea and coffee, so I taught her.

“That day I left, when I came back she expressed how tired she was, I asked why, and she said that she’s been serving Ubaba and guest the whole day. Later I asked my husband, and he said she only brought the drinks once.

“Fast forward: she chose to never offer guests something to drink. I let it slide, and decided I’ll just do it”


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The mother of one went on to say that she noticed a huge difference in how UAunty responds to instructions when they come from her husband.

She said UAunty responds enthusiastically to her husband’s instructions. However, when Faith Nketsi tells her to do something, she drags her feet and performs the task reluctantly.

“Now let’s talk about this vibe that she gives off. Now when Ubaba asks her to do something she does it with such optimism but when I ask her, she drags her feet and Literally looks like she could say no.

“She even goes as far as complaining about her knees and expresses how she’s so terrified of the stairs. “



Mzansi Urges Faith Nketsi To Fire Her Older Domestic Helper “UAunty” For Blatant Disrespect
Faith Nketsi Post-Baby Pictures[Image: Instagram/faith.nketsi]

The reality television star narrated a recent incident that had greatly frustrated her.

“Yesterday was when I was livered ke. I’m running so late for work and I can’t seem to find the top I want to wear, but in my hand, I’m holding the brown version of the exact top.

“I asked my husband to help me look for my hair glue and I come downstairs and aunty is sitting on the couch, so I ask her to please help me look for this exact same top but the black version. She first acted like she couldn’t hear me, so I walk to her and ask her to help me look for this exact top but black and I’m saying this while handing her the top.

“Her response: ‘but wher should I look for it’? I say ‘upstairs’ (bare in mind she’s still siting) She then says ‘but where because Mina I’ve never seen this top and I’ve never washed it, so how would I know where it is’.

“At this point i am so angry and I’m thinking,how am I supposed to answer that question because if I knew where to look for it, I would’ve found it and I wouldn’t be asking you to help me.

“I keep quiet and snatch the top off of her and at this point it’s evident that I’m upset. As I’m walking away, she says “but Mina I’m just asking because I don’t know your things, so I don’t understand ukhuti where I must look for it”. I turn around and say

‘AUNTY! IF I KNEW WHERE TO LOOK FOR IT, I WOULDN’T BE HERE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP BECAUSE I WOULD’VE FOUND IT’ ( bare in mind, she never moved from that couch). Even though I’m running late, I looked for it and I found it and I ended up being 30min late.

“As andzelo Is looking for the car keys, I come downstairs and find her crying literal tears as she’s explaining to my husband what happened (my husband was upstairs looking for my glue at the time this whole thing happened). Husband is so confused at this point but i didn’t have time to talk.

“I came back and me and Aunty are beefing in my house! She’s not talking to me I’m not talking to her. She even sitting on the other side of the house. Husband gets home and we spoke, he tells me that she told him her version of what happened, leaving out the fact that I gave her a top and asked her to look for the exact top.

“She then went to tell him that she’s shocked at how I spoke to her like she’s a slave and she’s just here to help(siya babisana) the for she doesn’t understand where the disrespect comes from and she has kids my age.”


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Mzansi Urges Faith Nketsi To Fire Her Older Domestic Helper “UAunty” For Blatant Disrespect
[Images; Instagram/Faith Nketsi]


Faith went on to say that she now feels uncomfortable in her own house and is unsure of what to do now.

“Now what annoys me is that I’m now feeling uncomfortable in my own home. There’s a big elephant in the room and I don’t know where to even start.

“The only reason why I’ve never addressed any prior issues I’ve had with her is because umuntu omdala, and i really didn’t want to keep complaining to my husband b’cos I felt that this really doesn’t concern him.

“I’m here to build a warm home for us and I can’t b stressing him with petty things. B’cos she treats him like a king, he was honestly shocked when I started telling him everything. What do I do now?”


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Mzansi social media users who responded to Faith Nketsi’s long post urged her to fire the older domestic helper because of the blatant disrespect.

The general consensus was that Faith will only have peace once the older domestic helper has been fired.




“You need to give her notice and let her go. Sje doesn’t see you as umama womzi or even an employer. She sees you as a little girl and that is not going to ever change, instead she will drive a wedge between you and your husband.”



“Let her go Ausi. You have a small baby at home and I dont think id be comfortable leaving my baby with a person that doesn’t like me the whole day. Let her go asap but pay for her notice period.”


“The best thing to do is probably let her go, you can’t be uncomfortable in your own home shem.”



“Let her go. “I have kids your age”. thol’kuthi she has seen uBaba fit for one of her kids your age(if she has daughters). Before ku mosheka dismiss her.”



“I think Uaunty is doing all this because yall are a young couple and she has that mentality hore le bana hano Mamela ka lona.Ask Ausi Linky to talk to her if she still doesn’t improve then you have to let her go.”



“But why does she jump whenever the man asks her to do something? She clearly respects the man more cause umbona as ibread winner.”




“Let her go, older domestic workers aren’t always a good idea as they’ve internalised patriarchy so deeply. If not ☝🏾, they interfere with your marriage.”



“She thinks she’s your mom and she forgot the reason she’s there, stop feeling sorry for people they’ll do you dirty. Don’t forget about what the gardener did, let that Aunty go.”

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