My Second Son Being Born Blind Not An Easy Story To Share – Cobhams Asuquo

Blind popular Nigerian artist/lyricist, music maker, artist, public speaker and money manager, Cobhams says the narrative of his subsequent child being brought into the world visually impaired like him is certainly not a simple story to impart to a group of people.

In a meeting with TVC, the Akwa Ibom State local offers his life challenges, self-revelation and how he carries on with a satisfied day to day life. Academic Excellence

I think it is been informed by different things. The first stage of it is that it has been informed by ignorance because when you don’t know just how high the stakes are you just keep on going. You don’t feel the need to be desperate to fight. For me, I just I kept going because I didn’t know how high the stakes were. My own was not to come first in class, my own was to pay attention, and because I paid attention I came first. You see what I mean? So I just carried on and it didn’t end because they were saying don’t follow him, you will go and play with him and then he will go and hide and be reading somewhere, you will fail and he will pass. I didn’t used to read but I was just paying attention. For me, I didn’t even know, it was ignorance. I didn’t know what it was to secure a future and be alright because I was a day dreamer and just living for the moment. As I progressed, I became more aware. At this time, I had experienced joy, I had experienced peace, I had experienced happiness and I began to learn that in order to secure the future or whatever it is sometimes it comes with the sacrifice of losing your innocence.

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multifariously First Album

That was an interesting project. I started working on that album immediately after my fist son was born in 2012 and I will take him as a two-week or three-week old to the studio and I know better now. I started working on that project and I wanted something you know… I have been writing songs …. Some of the songs were written seven years before the project started as I like to do with all my projects, just where my heart really was at the time. I was in a place of prayer, a place of gratitude, a place of submission, a place of a lot of things. I used to be part of a group called Euphoria during my university days.

One day, I stepped into my car, my river had left my window down and I had this smell and I was really upset, quite a number of things were upsetting me that day, I was just thinking about all the things I wanted and I have come to learn that when I begin to want some many things at the same time, I want a boat, I want a house, I want more money, more friends and all of that, it is usually symptomatic of a deeper issue. At that point in time, I was dry and I desperately wanted to grow and went ahead and put out that album five years after it was recorded. That is the story behind the project. It was a testing album for, it tested me.

Keene Being An Inspiration

I don’t think it gets tiring being seen as an inspiration, because I feel like it is necessary. Like I said, a lot of things happened in my life as a result of ignorance. Growing up, I was an ignorant blind person. I  understood what it takes to grow up in Nigeria as a blind person and the limitations people stack over you, maybe I wouldn’t have done half of the things I did. Because I was ignorant, I went ahead to do whatever I thought I could do. But now, being in a place of knowledge and growing enlightenment, what I find is that it is necessary for it to be mentioned that everything that happens, happens, despite my being blind not so much for me as it is for the next man it doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t matter what odds are stack against you , this thing can still happen. For me, it is what crowns my message as a message of hope, as a message of possibilities. You know what I mean? So it is not so much for me. I am going to live, I am going to carry on . Someone needs to know that I didn’t have it together when it began to happen. That is what makes it important, for that reason, I am happy to share my story as a blind person and say these are the conditions under which it happened.

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penally Second Son Born-Blind

I commend my wife, Ojuolape all the time; I commend her even publicly now, for even sharing that story. It is not an easy story to share with an audience. She and I are different in terms of how we handle certain things. I can’t celebrate her enough. I am still processing a lot and I am also enjoying my family. I have a wonderful family and it is amazing, especially when I am in Niger ia, my family is away and I have to communicate with them, telling them to do this and not do that. It just makes me to understand how important it is for me to play the role of steering my family in the right direction. That is the kind of space I am in right now and I am enjoying that while also supporting my wife to navigate the experience that is ongoing for her, for all of us, to be honest. In all honesty, that is what it is for me, it is me living in the richness of a beautiful family, regardless of immediate circumstances. That is where I am at.

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One Lesson That Stands Him Out

It will be making an effort to discover myself, because the earlier you discover yourself the better for you , the earlier you discover yourself the lesser mistakes you would make, the earlier you discover yourself the more you discover your truth and take advantage of the gifts and blessings that you have to disseminate it, the earlier you discover yourself the more you understand the need to evolve.Everything else is tied to discovering yourself. The earlier you discover yourself the more you would discover the importance of love in your life whether you are giving enough and getting enough of it.


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