My Name Ending Explained What Happened In The End In Netflix Korean Series?

My Name is the latest ongoing television series on Netflix which is drawing attention. It has managed to establish a place among all the new shows that have been getting premiered on the giant streaming platform. Directed by Kim Jin-min, the South Korean series features Nevertheless fame actress Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon and Ahn Bo-Hyun in pivotal roles. Unlike Nevertheless where the actress had played a sweet girl dealing with love problems, the series witnessed Han So-hee different look and portrayal of her character. As it has been premiered, we are explaining the ending to you.

My Name Ending Explained What Happened In The End In Netflix Korean Series?

The Korean series is a gripping tale that mainly surfaces around the revenge of a daughter which is essayed by Han So-hee. She is playing the character of Yoon Jiwoo who is the daughter of Yoon Donghoon. At a very young age, Yoon Jiwoo witnesses her father getting brutally killed outside her home only. However, unfortunately, she misses seeing the murderer’s face who killed her father. The series features the journey of Jiwoo who spends the maximum time of her life searching for the man who murdered her father. Though she also comes to know that her father happened to be on the wrong side of the law.

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My Name Ending Explained

It is shown that Jiwoo finds out that her father worked with the biggest drug cartel who worked at Dongcheon, outside of South Korea. The last talk with her father was when she told him that she could no longer wait for him and this further resulted in her visiting his home. Later, Jiwoo was chased down by the police who had put out an APB for Donghoon. Besides, her school also wanted her to transfer as they were getting disturbed by the continuous arrival of the cops there. Jiwoo felt that she became an outcast and felt bad that her father was not around her when she needed him the most.

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At the beginning of the Korean drama My Name, Choi Mujin had helped Jiwoo as she was adamant to take revenge on the person who killed her father. She expressed her rage that she wants to kill him. However, Choi managed to make her understand that it is not the right way to treat the situation as committing murder should not be taken lightly. The series brilliantly portrayed the storyline which was quite different from the other series on the platform. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on such shows.

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