“My Life Is A Movie” Zoleka Mandela Joins Tinder To Hunt For A Rich Man To Take Care Of Her Before She Kicks The Bucket


Author Zoleka Zobuhle Mandela has decided to join Tinder so that she can look for a rich man who can take care of her before she kicks the bucket.

Zoleka Mandela was recently diagnosed with cancer in her liver and lungs.


Zoleka Mandela (Image Credit: Elegance)


The mother of six who believes that she is not going to survive it this time around has expressed her desire to find a rich man to take care of her before she dies.

Taking to her Instagram, she posted how the whole conversation between her and her son went down after she showed him that she has joined Tinder.

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Zoleka: Baby, look what I downloaded today.

Zwelami: Delete that thing!

Zoleka: But how am I going to find the RICH man to take care of me before I die?

Zwelami: That thing is just like Only Fans.

Zoleka: But you told me not to do Only Fans and I won’t but I’m going to do Tinder, it’s just that even if I put my details, they’ll think they’re being catfished.

Zwelami: True. Mom, you need to go to those ANC events, that’s where the rich men are!


Zoleka Mandela questioned her followers about what she should enter on her Tinder bio considering the fact that she is a single mother of  6 and that she is terminally ill.

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She promised to keep up her followers up to date on how it goes on her prospective dates.


“My life is a movie, for more TEA on my prospective dates with money-oriented males, please stay tuned!!! 🤣 So what does someone like me enter for their details on Tinder? Terminally ill, single mother of 6, looking for a rich man (with affiliations to the ANC) to look after her before she dies? I’m asking for a friend? 😂 #TerminallyFree”


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