‘My Boyfriend Is 10 Years Younger But Huge Down There’ – Etinosa Idemudia reveals best kept secret

Actress, Etinosa Idemudia has revealed her best kept secrets which involves her romantic life with a very younger lover.

The actress disclosed that she is in love with a man 10 years younger and she said she is not only deeply in love with this guy, she is also ready to settle down with him if he proposes.

“Yes. It is one of my best kept secrets but I want to get it off my mind. I have been hiding my relationship for a while but my boyfriend has refused to hide it and I really love him. The truth is, I am dating a guy 10 years younger than I am. Our love affair started in a studio. He was so confident and I loved his voice. At first, I thought it would just be for fun but I grew to deeply feel something for him.

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“Right now I am ready to marry him if he proposes. I love his energy, his vibe. He is so much fun. An older person would be more serious and less fun but my Morien is full of life. He is adventurous and serenades me right after he pisses me off,” she gushed.

How is she enjoying intimacy with a ‘small boy’, the controversial Instagram celebrity says: “At first it was a bit awkward but I don’t know, I guess, age is nothing but a number. Trust me. There is nothing small about him down there; he is huge!”

She also addressed the rumours that her parents disowned her for smoking weed with the Bible, Etinosa laughed it off.

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She said: “That’s a big lie. The thing just tire me. The blogger also said my mum was ill. God forbid! My parents didn’t find it funny because they are pastors. They were pissed-off! In fact, it was because of them I tendered the apology just to make them happy,” she asserted.


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