Mum’s attempt to lift 180kg barbell the weight of a gorilla ends in tragic death

A woman was crushed to death when she tried to lift a 180kg barbell, as seen in a tragic video.

The fitness enthusiast tried to lift the gorilla-sized weight at Gym Fitness Sport gymnasium in Mexico on Monday (February 21).

In the clip, recorded at the gym in Mexico City, a man wearing a black tank top appears to adjust the weight on the device before the woman positions herself beneath it.

When it is released, she attempts to hold the barbell only for it to fall and crush her neck, allegedly killing her on the spot.

A man and young woman immediately rush to her aid and try to free her from where she is pinned underneath the weight, but are unable to lift it.

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The moment a woman sadly died after a bar fell on her

Two other people then come to help and, together, they successfully free her but, sadly, it seems there is nothing they can do to save her life.

One man moves the woman so she is lying in the recovery position on her side, as the gym-goers all stand near her in shock.

The woman has not been named in local media but was said to be aged between 35 and 40 years old.

She was positioned under the weight but could not possibly hold it
She was positioned under the weight but could not possibly hold it

Her daughter is deeply affected by the incident and receiving psychological support, according to reports in local news.

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An investigation into the incident has been launched by the state prosecutor’s office.

The gym owner, who has not been named, was reportedly briefly arrested in order to confirm the woman’s identity.

The investigation is ongoing.

This comes after a “fit and healthy” 21-year-old tragically collapsed and died after complaining of feeling dizzy while working out at a gym in Bristol, southwest England on January 10.

Henry Best, a student, was described as teetotal and active at the time of this sudden death.