MTN Allegedly Set To Block All Sim Cards That Engaged in The Leaked Cheat Code Last Night (Photos)

Last night was a night of surprises for many MTN users. This is because a code leaked and many got rewarded from it.

Immediately the code leaked, many MTN subscribers across the nook and crannies of Nigeria got 4 gigabytes and above with enough bonus airtime. Reacting to the said incident, MTN is allegedly set to block all sim cards that engaged in the leaked cheat code last night.

This is evidenced in the screenshot made public by a young man who shared on social media that, he utilized the leaked cheat code well and got over 20gb. Shortly after making this public on Twitter, a certain man named Muhammad took to reporting the fraudulent activity to MTN officially via their social media page, twitter precisely.

After some minutes, MTN took to responding to one of those who engaged in using the leaked cheat code. MTN is quoted to have sent a signal of blocking the young man’s sim card for engaging in fraudulent activities. Unarguably, this applies to nearly all other users of the network that engaged in using the leaked cheat code.

Below is a screenshot showing what MTN sent to the young man:

Below are other screenshots showing how the young man consecutively used the leaked cheat code:

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

That’s all for now. At the moment of filing this report, it appears that it’s just an alleged claim. Perhaps, MTN really meant what was sent to the young man. Who knows? Well, share your experience in the comment section. Were you also among the lucky ones who used the leaked cheat code?

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