Motorists rescued a man snatched while peeing in Abuja near Magicland Park, just before the city gate.

According to a report, the man got out of his car to urinate when he was accosted and taken away by “two Fulani youngsters.”

Meanwhile, his wife, who was in the vehicle at the time and witnessed the incident, called out for help as the hoodlums whisked her husband away.


An eyewitness, Christopher Orafa, narrating what transpired said he was alerted by the alarm raised by the wife.

He added that other motorists parked their cars and gave the assailants a hot case.

The motorist, Orafa said, “Yesterday (Tuesday) around 7.25 am, I was going home when I saw a black car parked by the roadside. I heard a woman shouting for help.

“I parked and asked what was happening. She said two Fulani boys took her husband away. She said her husband came down from the vehicle to pee when he was suddenly attacked by the kidnappers.

“Before I knew it, other people (motorists) parked and joined us. We went into the bush and ran after them; when they saw we were about to catch up with them, one of them brought out a dagger and cut the man. They left him behind to enable them to run faster inside the bush.

“At that point, we left them and brought him back to the roadside. We were satisfied that we rescued him.  Another person took him to a hospital.”

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