Most Evil Doctors: Who Injected Acids Into the Wombs of Women And Killed Twins

Aleysk buy Lyrica online europe Doctors all of the world are those we go to when we fall ill or need of medical attention. Most doctors are kind-hearted and go extra miles to keep the society healthy. However, not all doctors throughout history have been angels. Some wicked doctors destroyed lives and murdered their patients. Here are 5 most evil doctors that ever lived.

The physician obsessed with sterilization of women: Carl Clauberg

Auschwitz Memorial on Twitter: "On 7 July 1942 after a conference with Karl  Gebhardt, Richard Glücks and Carl Clauberg, Heinrich Himmler decided to use  Auschwitz for sterilization experiments. Other experiments - like
Carl Clauberg, a German physician, was known for having a deep urge to sterilize women. The one-time chief doctor sterilized a large number of women by injecting acid into their wombs. Women whose reproductive organs were damaged during the sterilization process were sent to Berlin for more studies. Some patients were intentionally killed because their bodies were needed for autopsies. Over 300 women were used for his fatal sterilization experiments.

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The British Deadly Killer: Harold Shipman

Did UK's biggest serial killer Harold Shipman get away with murder because  we don't care about the elderly?
The only British physician that was proven guilty for killing his patients is Dr Harold Shipman. The serial killer murdered almost 400 innocent persons throughout his career. Shipman administered numerous harmful medications which eventually killed his patients. He was also accused of forging the will of one of his patients. Dr Shipman committed suicide a few days to his release from prison.

The doctor obsessed with dying patients: Michael Swango

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Michael Swango, an American, is responsible for the death of over 100 persons. After graduating from Medical school where he developed a liking to dying patients, he went on a killing spree. Nurses reported strange activities such as once healthy patients dying mysteriously. After he was caught injecting poison into a patient, he lost his job, but that did not change him. At his new place of work, he poisoned most of his colleagues with arsenic. He is currently serving a life sentence.

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The Irate Japanese doctor: Shiro Ishii
The Japanese doctor known as Shiro Ishii is second on our list. The knowledgeable doctor carried toxic tests on Chinese prisoners, before going on to murder people by introducing microorganisms that caused diseases like cholera and anthrax, into their systems. There are reports that the physician performed forced abortions, triggered heart attacks, strokes and exposed his victims to extreme cold. Shiro Ishii is responsible for the death for over 10,000 persons.

The Angel of Death: Josef Mengele

How Did Josef Mengele Become the Evil Doctor of Auschwitz? - The New York  Times
Coming first on our list is the child of the devil known as Dr Josef Mengele. Mengele popularly known as the Angel of Death and the Beautiful devil, was a German doctor responsible for the death of over a million people. Dr Mengele used humans to perform various horrible experiments. Reports claim that he put 10 sets of twins to sleep, killed them by injecting their bodies with chloroform before dissecting their dead bodies. The inhumane doctor once sewed twins together by their veins to create conjoined twins.

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Dr Mengele did not stop there; he injected harmful dyes into the eyes of his victims to change the colors of their iris, amputated limbs and attempted to fix them back.


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