Mixed Reactions After Pantami Place A Curse On Deji Adeyanju

Embattled minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami, has curses Deji Adeyanju (Human right convener) over a letter written by the latter asking the United States to place the minister on terrorism watchlist.

Adeyanju had told United States secretary, in his letter, to put Isa Pantami on terrorists watchlists on allegedly supporting world extremists leaders like Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar.

After this letter, some ardent supporters of Isa Pantami on Facebook accused the human right convener as an enemy of Islam and many more but the minister commented with his verified account on the post by placing a curse on Adeyanju.

He wrote, “Allah ya tsine Masa alubarika” which means ‘may Allah rebuke his blessings’.Although the comments was later deleted after over 200 responses, some still couldn’t see the reason the minister could do such.

Here are some of the comments on Twitter after Sahara Reporters posted it;

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A user asked how a minister can do such things

Another person who seems to like what the minister did commented “Amin” meaning ‘Amen’

.More reactions

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