The episode begins with Pramod provoking Sid for not understanding what he is talking about and says he is giving all obligation of commitment to him. He tells all family should partake in the commitment. Abha helps Sid to remember his commitment. She splits liabilities between everybody. Mithai grasps their arrangement. Sid inquires as to whether they are doing it to stop Mithai’s structure.

Pramod says they will not get frightened of any Mithai and this commitment is the association of 2 brands so everything should be awesome and we are not playing any games. Everybody leaves. Mithai accepts Sharma’s call and lets him know that she will convey the request on time. Sid asks how might she make it happen. He requests that she drop the arrangement. Mithai tells she can do it with their assistance without allowing anybody to uncertainty them. Later everybody is occupied with the commitment work. Abha sends Harimohan and Chandrakanta giving cards.

Sid organizes a phone call among Mithai and Harimohan. Mithai becomes more acquainted with Harimohan’s recipe. Sid lets Mithai know that he booked rhythm. Girish sees Sid and figures he will hold back to get Sid’s pardoning. Abha is going to get Sid however Girish saves him from Abha by cautioning him. Sid advises Abha to prepare as one hour is left for the commitment. Abha says Sid is becoming comprehension. Pramod says Sid understands what esteem he needs to pay in the event that he conflicts with us. Sid leaves.

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Mithai loads Desserts in rhythm with the laborer’s assistance. Abha accepts Agarwal’s family with her loved ones. Agarwal men illuminate Agarwal that Mithai is stacking desserts in rhythm. Agarwal says the way is long and she can’t convey them. Sid calls Mithai and wishes her karma. Mithai goes in the rhythm. Aditya and Karishma get connected then they take endowments of everybody. Sid feels stressed for Mithai. The driver illuminates Mithai that somebody is following them. Mithai says it can’t be nevertheless Agarwal men stop her rhythm and they took Mithai’s truck beating the driver. Mithai couldn’t stop them. She contemplates what to do and acknowledges she failed to remember her telephone in the beat.

Aditya doesn’t concentrate completely on Karishma. He will not take selfies. Harimohan inquires as to whether he saw it. Sid says Aditya isn’t keen on this commitment and this resembles a show. Harimohan says these individuals could arrange for this commitment to stop Mithai’s arrangement so call her to realize what occurred. Sid calls Mithai. Mithai takes the telephone from the rhythm driver. Agarwal men turns off Mithai’s telephone. Sid illuminates Dadu about it. Harimohan requests that Sid actually take a look at Mithai. Mithai feels disappointed when the driver’s telephone gets turned off. Sid is going to leave yet Pramod stops him.

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Mithai runs behind the truck seeing the petroleum spillage mark on street. Sid purposefully ruins his dress by pouring juice on him then he goes to change dress taking Pramod’s consent. Rhythm gets halted. Agarwal men illuminate Agarwal that the rhythm is halted. Agarwal requests that he toss the desserts.

Mithai takes her telephone from rhythm and calls Sid and educates him regarding everything. Sid requests that she be available to come in to work and he tracks her telephone utilizing the application he introduced on her telephone. Mithai attempts to stop Agarwal’s men by beating them with a stick however they take the stick from her. Sid comes there and advises Mithai to finish her conveyance. Agarwal man is going to beat him. Sid stops him by holding his hand.

Episode closes. The episode begins with Abha saying ‘sorry’ to Agarwal for what Sid did. Agarwal says on the off chance that something like this rehashes, they will leave this match. Abha welcomes them inside. Harimohan tells Sid by controlling your indignation you took in your most memorable life example.

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Mithai is demonstrated to be taking requests in the shop. Mithai sees that Sid brought a gift for her. Mithai opens it and sees that and it is another weighing machine. Sid says with this she will know her legitimate weight. Mithai checks it and feels blissful. Mithai sees that Sid is contemplating something. Mithai gets some information about. Sid says he fails to see what is the intention behind Aditya and Karishma’s marriage. Mithai says she is likewise not getting the rationale behind this marriage however there is compelling reason need to stress no one’s perfect. Mithai inquires as to whether he is having a migraine. Sid says he didn’t have breakfast that is the reason.

Mithai offers him a plate of Aloo jalebi to eat. Sid says you realize I don’t eat desserts. Mithai inquires as to why, is it since it helps you to remember your mother. She says nothing bad can be said about helping him to remember his mother. She says his mother will likewise

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