Ministry of Communications Twitter handler commits blunders – Tweets about Indaboski

buy apo prednisone The Federal Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy has been dragged on twitter after the page’s handler wrongly tweeted about Indaboski with the ministry’s twitter handle. One of the social media handlers of the agency was Bilyaminu Ibrahim Gusau was having a social media altercation with a user on the platform when he tweeted from the agency’s handle thinking it was his handle. He had responded to a Tweet on London football club, Chelsea and in his forgetfulness, sent out an abusive tweet with the government’s Twitter page.

See below:

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Upon realising his mistake, Bilyaminu took down the post, but not after some users on the platform had saved the tweet.

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See reactions:

“Wow! Is that not the office twitter account of the Federal Ministry ofCommunication? Wow!”

“Tweeting this with the official handle of Federal Ministry of Communication. Guy even ended it with Indaboski Bahose. wetin person no go see with this government.”

“This is what they reduced the Federal Ministry ofCommunication and Digital Economy handle to? Whoever wrote this tweet must be an Indaboski die-hard fan. Everything APC touches degenerates.”

” know the person forgot to switch accounts but I’m worried that this is the type of English the person behind the account of the Federal Ministry ofCommunication types. What does he mean by Lampards Twin?”


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