Russia cannot beat Ukraine until it has more advanced weapons and economic sanctions on the country could spark riots, experts discussed on state TV.

Military analyst Mikhail Khodaryonok knocked back the idea of mobilisation because Ukrainian forces are armed with far more modern technology.

This comes amid growing speculation that President Vladimir Putin will announce a mobilisation of the country’s reservists on Ukraine, the Express reports.

The retired colonel’s admission on live state television will come as another humiliating blow for Putin who staged a bizarre victory parade at Moscow’s Red Square today (Monday, May 9).

A guest on Russia-1 meanwhile admitted that Western sanctions are taking a toll on the country.

Mikhail Khodaryonok said it would be months before new weapons could be made

Semyon Bagdasarov, a State Duma member, warned that riots could break out across the country.

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Russian Media Monitor creator Julia Davis shared a clip of the debate on Twitter, writing: “Senior military expert on Russian state TV argued that mobilization wouldn’t accomplish a whole lot, since outdated weaponry can’t easily compete with NATO-supplied weapons and equipment in Ukraine’s hands and replenishing Russia’s military arsenal will be neither fast nor easy.”

In a stark admission on the tightly-controlled propaganda channel Russia-1, Mr Khodaryonok dismantled the idea that a mass mobilisation call-up would bolster Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine.

In a clip viewed more than a million times online, the senior military expert admitted that Russia is struggling to replenish its colossal losses in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin watches the Victory Day military parade at Red Square in central Moscow

He added that Russia does not have the “pilots or the planes” to send into the battlefield.

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Mr Khodaryonok said: “Let’s imagine the drumroll, the sound of fanfare, and the mobilisation is declared.

“How soon under this mobilisation will we get the first fighter aviation regiment? We would get it by New Year’s.”

He continued: “We don’t have the reserves, the pilots, or the planes so the mobilisation would be of little help.

“If tonight we order new ships to be built, how soon will we get the first one? In two years!

Russian T-72B3M tanks parade through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade

“That’s the deal with mobilisation. If we set a goal of forming a new tank division, when would it be ready? I would say in at least 90 days.

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“And it wouldn’t be equipped with modern weaponry because we don’t have modern weapons and equipment in our reserves.”

The retired Russian colonial added: “Sending people armed with weapons of yesteryear into a war of the 21st century to fight against global standard NATO weapons would not be the right thing to do.

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“We need to replenish our losses, of course, but this should be done through industrial enterprises. Modiblisation would not solve these issues.”

Mr Bagdasarov told Russian state TV viewers yesterday (Sunday, May 8): “For us, it’s very important how our population will live.

“People want to come to the store and see the assortment of goods they are used to.”

Fellow presenter Vladimir Solovyov added: “With prices they can afford.

“Our shelves should be filled with all the necessities so tomorrow there won’t be riots.”

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