Mia Khalifa in awkward hotel encounter with TikTok star’s ‘excited’ boyfriend

An awkward encounter between former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa and the boyfriend of a TikTok influencer has gone viral on social media.

OnlyFans star Mia took to Twitter to talk of the encounter, which occurred at a hotel in Paris where the star and influencer Lya Mariella were staying.

The 29-year-old talked of the encounter on social media, sharing a screenshot of a TikTok that showed the boyfriend of Mariella quite excited to see Mia wander nearby the couple when they were having dinner.

Mia shared the saga, with a screenshot showing her hilarious response and comment, which has now gone viral TikTok.

Mia was spotted alongside influencer Mariella after a viral TikTok encounter

The original TikTok showed influencer Mariella with a glass of white wine in hand and the caption: “POV: you’re in Paris having dinner with your husband and he spots Mia Khalfia”.

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It would appear Mariella’s other half was a little too excited, with the influencer adding that he had gotten “way too excited about it” and proceeded “to text all his guy friends”.

The hilarious TikTok also included Mariella taking a big swig of her white wine.

But the saga doesn’t end there, with the Mia commenting on a follow up TikTok reel, where Mariella’s other half presumably felt quite guilty, purchasing her a Birkin bag.

Mia took to Twitter to share the saga of TikTok reels
Mia took to Twitter to share the saga of TikTok reels

Taking to Twitter, Mia wrote: “This influencer staying at my hotel in Paris posted a TikTok feeling bad cause her man was excited to see me walk by at dinner last night, and this morning he bought her a Birkin to make up for it.”

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Birkin bags can sell for upwards of £7200 with Mariella receiving the flash fashion bag and trading a few comments and reels with Mia.

Upon receiving her brand new Birkin, Mariella posted a second reel showcasing the bag, with Khalifa commenting: “Good, he owes you a Birkin.

“All I get when my man looks at another woman is gaslit”.

The pair were in good spirits when they met one another after the hilarious post went viral
The pair were in good spirits when they met one another after the hilarious post went viral

But the saga doesn’t end there, with Mia and Mariella bumping into one another to create a handful of TikToks poking fun at the incident.

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In another tweet from the former Pornhub model, Mia wrote: “Y’all we met” and attached a video of her, Mariella and her Birkin bag buying husband.

The trio joked of the “uno reverse: Birkin edition,” with Mia and Mariella shown stood next to one another before Mariella’s other half appears and offers a bag.

The TikTok was captioned: “When you’re about to cuss him out for recognizing Mia Khalifa but he hits you with the uno reverse: Birkin edition.”

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