Mexican police have captured a homemade ‘narco tank’ used by one of the country’s most powerful drug cartels as they battle for control of trafficking routes.

The monster vehicle was seized by the Guardia Nacional in the municipality of Jamay, Jalisco on April 12 and also contained 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

It is thought that the tank was owned by the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) who have control over trafficking routes in the state.

Images of the captured vehicle highlight the chilling extent of weaponry used in Mexico’s drug war. It has been painted camouflage green, with a huge angled battering tool attached to the front and metal casing to protect its driver and passengers from gunfire.

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The vehicle is a heavily modified truck which is resistant to gunfire

According to Borderland Beat, the narco tank was discovered being transported inside a tractor trailer.

As terrifying as they appear, narco tanks aren’t thought to be very useful in drug cartel warfare. According to the Mexican military they are “not very manoeuvrable in urban areas or on soft or sandy ground” due to their heavy metal plating.

They are also not able to travel long distances, hence require cargo trailers to move them around contested regions.

Criminals create the tanks by converting large trucks which are often stolen in the US or Mexico. Chevrolet Silverados and Ford F-150s are commonly used, according to Borderland Beat.

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The vehicle is a heavily modified truck which is resistant to gunfire
2,000 rounds of ammunition were also discovered in the capture

They are then fitted with heavy metal plating in clandestine workshops to make them resistant to gunfire.

Trucks aren’t the only vehicles either converted or built by drug bosses to aid their trafficking efforts.

Previously, the armed forces in Colombia captured a ‘narco submarine’ stretching 55 feet long and six feet wide.

It was found near to the Pacific coast, according to battalion commander Giovanni Carrillo, meaning that it would have been “easy” for the traffickers to “load and unload the cargo before going out to sea”.

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