Mexican drug cartel vows to take care of citizens but ‘f***ing kill criminals

A deadly Mexican drug cartel has vowed to protect citizens in the area it operates but has threatened to kill members of a rival gang and criminals in the city in a chilling video.

Armed members of the La Sierra cartel in Iguala, Guerrero, made the deadly threats towards La Bandera gangsters and what is described as ‘hungry ass thieves’.

In an 80 second video uploaded to YouTube, a masked spokesman for the group sits at a table while at least 10 other gang members stand behind him holding machine guns.

In the video, the group issues a statement declaring their intent to ‘continue keeping our word to watch over and take care of you’ to locals in the southwestern city.

A deadly Mexican drug cartel promises to ‘take care of citizens’ but ‘f***ing kill’ other criminals in video message

But he warns leaders from their rival group they will ‘descend upon your sanctuaries to f*cking kill you’.

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The spokesman, whose face is concealed with a baseball cap and a mask, says: “This message goes out to all the citizens of Iguala.

“We hereby recognize that we will continue keeping our word to watch over and take care of you. Don’t be intimidated by what you see on social networks.”

But their attention quickly turns to their rival cartel, La Bandera, and its kingpin Jesus ‘Chucho’ Brito who they accuse of ‘lying’ to the citizens.

A masked spokesman makes chilling threats to the leader of a rival gang in the video as he's surrounded by armed men
A masked spokesman makes chilling threats to the leader of a rival gang in the video as he’s surrounded by armed men

He goes on: “Chucho Brito stop lying to the citizens you son of a b*tch. The same also goes for you Colin, and Luis Calderon aka “Cachetes”. Come on out to confront us you pieces of sh*t.

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“Stop threatening the townspeople you sons of your piece of sh*t mother.

“Just the same for all those b*tch ass hungry f*ck thieves who are fucking up by stealing motorcycles, robbing commercial businesses, and committing other crimes.

“We will continue destroying your f*cking asses. Because we’ve seen that you guys just don’t comprehend.”

The spokesman then encourages law-abiding citizens to enjoy ‘everything that’s readily available within your beautiful city’ before setting his sights again on criminals.

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He adds: “Don’t be afraid of these dumb asses who only fight their conflicts on Facebook.

“They’ve spent two years talking all that shit… Chucho Brito, Beba, and Cachetes. We will descend upon your sanctuaries to f*cking kill you.”

La Bandera is a cell of the notorious Guerreros Unidos syndicate, which was behind the kidnap and murder of 43 teaching students in 2014.

The victims were allegedly snatched from a rural teaching college by local police officers and handed over to the cartel. Most victims’ bodies were never found in a case that still haunts Mexico.

Long-running violence generated by drug cartels in Mexico has seen more than 300,000 people killed in bloody turf wars since 2006.

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