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Melissa Blimkie was observed dead is 25 years of age with cut injuries at the entry to the Metropolis at Metrotown shopping center in Burnaby, B.C. on December 19, 2021.


As per the examination, police said that the man Everton Downey was blamed for lethally wounding a 25 years age lady where the two were seeing someone.

To this date, a large number of the homicide and self destruction cases have been found in the entire reality where it is the age where individuals flipped out, not knowing the worth of life, love, and warmth which they make absolute first.

As per the source report, it comes to realize that Everton Downey who is the enemy of Melissa Blimkie is beau and sweetheart, all things considered.

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Notwithstanding, Melissa Blimkie was killed by her cherished beau Everton Downey last month. As per the report, it has additionally come to realize that RCMP said there were other “genuine offenses” nearby.

Police additionally cordoned off a close by high rise at Dow Avenue and Beresford Street at that point. Additionally, the real justification for killing his own better half is yet to explore.

The two were seeing someone some time before the crime, the coordinated manslaughter examination group said in the media discharge also after the homicide.

Accordingly, Everton Downey has been captured on the charge of a homicide case who currently may be in jail. Further subtleties haven’t been revealed at this point.

At the hour of death, Melissa Blimkie was 25 years old. Moreover, Everton Downey was 31 years old. The two were in 5 years of an age hole at this point.

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Melissa Blimkie the casualty was an occupant of North Vancouver. Notwithstanding, there is no data on the old neighborhood of Everton Downey.

As per their age, the two of them may finish their schooling level of single guy’s or alternately expert’s nevertheless they haven’t been uncovered at this point openly.

To this date, Everton Downey and Melissa Blimkie’s folks haven’t seen any of the media report group. We accept that both of their folks are stunned right now.

The kid they raised and the direction they gave them prompted this choice of their life where one of them has lost their life and one must be in jail on account of homicide.

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