UK Man Admits Defiling Chickens 3 Times While His Wife Filmed It

In a WEIRD incident, a man in the United Kingdom has confessed that he had sexual intercourse with chickens, while his wife filmed the indecent act.

On July 31, Rehan Baig appeared alongside his wife Haleema Baig in Bradford Crown Court to face the charges.

As per a Mirror report, the 37-year-old man admitted two counts put to him of intentionally performing “an act of penetration with your penis on the cloaca (vaginal and anal passage) of a living animal, namely a brown chicken”.

More so, he further admitted downloading indecent images of children, possessing extreme pornographic images relating to sex acts with dogs and chickens and drugs offences.

He admitted possessing 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin.

Appearing at the court, Solicitor advocate Nick Leadbeater, asked for the sentencing hearing to be adjourned so that a pre-sentence report and a psychiatric report on his client could be obtained.

He further said, ”The court may take the view that if these are acts that have taken place on more than one day that would make a difference in terms of sentencing. Both defendants assert it was sexual intercourse which took place on one day with these animals and that it was filmed on one day.”

The couple is on bail until their sentence hearing on September 25.

Disgusted by the incident, people on social media criticised the vile act and hoped that justice will be delivered in the case.

Husband admits having sex with chickens three times while his wife filmed it

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