Police caused my leg to be cut off two months after my wedding – Man with an amputated leg shouts in anger as he joins ENDSARS

As more victims of police brutality share their horrific stories, a young Nigerian with amuptated legs joined the ENDSARS campaign and cried out as he narrated his story.

According to him, police shot his limps and one his legs had to be cut off, barely two months after his wedding…

“Police shot me two months after my wedding.. I have pictures to show” he cried out as he showed other protesters his severed legs.

Meanwhile Corporal Ugochukwu Ozoude, popularly known as orthopedic, who worked under Jude, former OC SARS in Enugu, has been called out and accused of killing many youths during his service at the tactical squad.

Ozoude allegedly slaughtered so many youths within 4 months in SARS in Enugu.

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He’s called orthopedic because he has sent many youths to orthopedic hospital, where they either come out with one leg or crutches for their entire lives.

According to one of his victims, Nnachetam Nnamani while narrating his ordeal in the hands of Ugochukwu, said that he spent four months in the cell, which was hell for him, as he would always carry dead bodies killed by him on a daily basis.

Nnachetam however, maintained that the list of people killed by Ugochukwu is endless which he witnessed,

Many people have affirmed to this and demand justice be served appropriately.

Meanwhile, Ugochukwu is currently with the UN police Unit.

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