‘Murdered’ man walks back home months after his brothers confess to crime & get jailed

Upon returning home, a labourer, identified as Ishvar Manat, was taken by a shock as locals told him that he was presumed to be dead and cremated in February.

In an incident of a botched-up investigation by the Gujarat Police, a labourer, whose two brothers were arrested for allegedly murdering him, walked back to his house in Kharpada village in Aravalli district. Upon returning home, the man in question was taken by a shock when he learned that he was presumed to be no more and cremated in February.

The incident took place under the territorial jurisdiction of Isri Police Station. After the labourer, identified as Ishvar Manat, returned home, Gandhinagar Inspector General Abhay Chudasama placed inspector RR Tabiyad under suspension for the lapse. An inquiry has also been ordered.

A man’s corpse was found at Moti Mori village in the district in February this year. Based on the body’s autopsy report and confirmation from locals, police concluded that it was Manat’s body. An iron rod was found in the leg of the body and Manat also had a similar rod in his leg.

Thereafter, the investigating officials picked up Manat’s two brothers who, during interrogation, reportedly confessed to having killed him. Subsequently, they were lodged in a sub-jail, according to a report by The Times of India.

Manat has accused the investigating officials of torturing and forcing his brothers to confess to the crime that they had not committed. Further, he stated that he got stuck in Junagarh as the government imposed travel restrictions in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. Manat’s resurfacing has left the police officials in a dilemma as they would now have to identify the body that was cremated in February.

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