Mum in agony after son screams and dies in her arms minutes after telling her ‘I love you’

Eight-year-old boy, Cillian Anderson suddenly collapsed and died of a mystery illness minutes after telling his mother: “I love you”.

Mum in agony after son screams and dies minutes after telling her ‘I love you’

Devastated mum, Clare Walker, 31,has shared little Cillian Anderson’s last words as she asked him to put his pyjamas on so they could watch a film together.

But seconds later, she heard the schoolboy’s terrified screams as he became sick.

Despite Clare’s frantic efforts to get her asthmatic child outside for air, he fell lifeless into her arms.

Her dad Bruce, 51, carried out CPR as the mother-of-two rang 999.

Cillian, from Dundee, was rushed by ambulance three miles from his home to the city’s Ninewells Hospital where he died just ten minutes after arriving.

Grieving Clare recalled how the youngster had been happily playing the computer game Fortnite before the sudden tragedy.

She said: “I asked him to go get his jammies on for a film while I cleaned it up.

“The last thing Cillian said to me was, ‘I love you, mum’. I told him, ‘I love you too, son — to the moon and back’. By the time I got downstairs I heard him scream.

“It was piercing, like a very, very scared scream. It was a sound I’d never heard my son make.

Clare watched helplessly as her son slipped away in A&E on May 5.

She said: “Cillian died right in front of me.

“I went numb, like somebody ripped my guts open. I climbed in next to him and gave him a cuddle.

“I stroked his hair the way he liked and bawled my eyes out.”

Cillian, who also had hay fever, was on medication to control his health conditions.

His family began shielding to protect him weeks before lockdown began on March 23.

Experts say he may have had a deadly asthma or allergy attack, but so far can’t be certain what killed him.

Blood results which might provide answers are yet to come back.

Clare told how Cillian had to travel to hospital without her after the ambulance crew that turned up in 11 minutes allegedly needed back-up.

She said: “I never got to sit in the ambulance with him.

“I wanted to hold his hand and tell him it was going to be okay.

“When we got to the hospital, Cillian had a tube down his throat.

“The ambulance crew had tried to fit it several times. A nurse pulled it out saying it was the wrong size.”

Clare was quizzed by police as she left the hospital — and said they asked her for a urine sample as well as having her lad’s body checked for bruises.

And she was denied the chance to seek comfort in Cillian’s bedroom as cops sealed off her home “like a crime scene”.

She said: “All I wanted was to crawl into Cillian’s bed to be near him but they wouldn’t let us home for two weeks.”

Only 20 mourners could attend Cillian’s funeral on May 27. Others lined the streets while fire crews stood outside their station.

Pals in superhero costumes followed a horse-drawn cart taking his Fortnite-themed coffin to Dundee Crematorium.

Clare’s, daughter Crystal, 12, Bruce and her twin sisters Amy and Rebecca, 19, are tormented by the wait to find out why they lost Cillian.

The mum said: “There will never be healing until I know what happened.”

DCI Ray Birnie says protocol was followed after Cillian’s sudden death.

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