Mentally challenged man Noko axes 5-year-old niece to death

A mentally challenged man has allegedly axed his five-year-old niece to death, striking her with the axe three times on the neck.

The suspect, Reabokile Noko, age 28, from Buvuma village in Zimbabwe was said to have attacked his niece, Mitchel Dube, with the axe.

He wanted to axe his mother who was carrying the niece to death, but the woman evaded him and he struck dead his niece with the axe.

“I can confirm that we recorded a murder case that occurred in Buvuma area in Gwanda. Reabokile Noko who is said to be mentally unstable entered the kitchen hut while armed with an axe and found his mother sitting with her five-year-old granddaughter,” said Inspector Loveness Mangena, spokesperson of Matabeleland South Police.

“He advanced towards his mother while threatening to strike her with the axe but she escaped through a window leaving her granddaughter behind. Noko then struck his five-year-old niece with the axe three times on the neck and she died on the spot,” she told Sunday News.

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