Men with big manhood will definitely go to hell – Opambour

Prophet Dr Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom, popularly known as Opambour Prophet 1, and founder and leader of the Ebenezer Miracle and Worship Centre, has blasted men who for sexual promiscuity, boast of their huge manhood, show off their bleached skins and do other things just to attract the opposite sex.

Men your big pe*is can't take you to heaven'' - Ghanaian pastor

He says men who take pride in the praises of their sexual partners about how big their ‘penis’ are must know that such accolades are bound for hell fire as such practices cannot take them to heaven.

In a sermon on his Kumasi-based Prophet 1 TV and monitored by on Sunday, Opambour highlighted the need for this generation to forego worldly lusts and seek the way of the Lord, because judgment beckons everybody.

“Nobody is above judgment; not even a beautiful lady with big breasts that satisfy men during sexual intercourse”, he preached.

” You are an honourable man who has bleached your skin, trimmed your hair; you have done waves and the ladies say you’re handsome; hey fine boy, you are not above judgment”, he continued.

“You’re also a man, all the women say your penis is big; women are praising you because of your penis, women are buying you cars, because of your penis women are even buying you clothes; I’m telling you that your big penis can’t take you to heaven so repent”, he fumed.

In recent times, Prophet Ebenezer seems to have dedicated so much space for sexual promiscuity and its related issues in his sermons.

He has been lashing out at narcissistic young men and women, challenging them adopt a character of submission to God if they desire to be saved on the judgment day.

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