A lot of men suffer from a specific form of cancer known as prostate cancer and die from it. This happens mostly to men between the age range of 50 to 70 years.

Meanwhile, the age range suffering from this deadly health condition has declined over the years; you will find men as at just 40 years reporting prostate cancer to the hospital these days. It’s a horrible condition. Before i divulge into our main topic, let me tell you a little about prostate cancer.

Prostrate cancer can be defined as the cancer of the prostrate gland, which is a tiny walnut-shaped gland that is particularly present in men only, the main role of the prostrate gland is to produce a fluid like seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm from the seminiferous tubule storage site to the penal region.

Scientifically, prostate cancer begins when some cells in your prostate become abnormal. Mutations in the abnormal cells’ DNA cause the cells to grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells do. The abnormal cells continue living when other cells would die. The accumulating abnormal cells form a tumor that can grow to invade nearby tissue. Some abnormal cells can also break off and spread to other parts of the body.

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Findings has shown that prostrate cancer is one of the leading causes of sudden death among men. The painful thing is that the basic symptoms of prostate cancer are ignored by most men. They generally overlook it, go to a nearby pharmacy store and start treating either the symptoms or a new illness that isn’t linked to the actual underlying medical condition. Let me tell you something, if you treat any illness by self-medication and it continues, make sure that you don’t waste your money again without going to a medical doctor or physician to find out the exact cause of that illness by proper tests.

Before we look into the foods men should avoid,lets take a look at some of the signs of prostrate cancer, kindly visit the hospital immediately if you are experiencing any of these:

1. Presence of Semen in your urine:

This is a significant sign of prostate cancer. If you regularly notice semen in your urine, then you need to visit a doctor immediately.

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2. Presence of Blood in the urine, and other whitish substances.

3. Constant urination, even at while sleeping.

4. Feeling severe pain and difficulty when urinating.

According to the above image, the cancer cells push hard against the urethra, from which the urine flows outwards from the bladder; this is why you feel pain while urinating .

NB: the signs/symptoms listed above only act as a warning sign, they are not absolute indices for evaluating the existence of prostate cancer. This is just a suggestion for you to seek competent medical attention if you encounter them to identify the true underlying condition that triggers the above-mentioned symptoms.

Here are some of the meals that can make you to become exposed to prostrate cancer:

1. Red meat, such as pork meat, beef or cow meat, lamb, ram meat, hot dogs, e.t.c

2. Eggs: eggs is a vital factor that helps development of prostrate cancer , especially in genetically susceptible men, men with a family history of prostrate cancer.

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The recommended amount of eggs you are supposed to eat per week should not exceed, two, particularly for men.

3. Cholesterol and high fat content foods. Cholesterol and fatty foods are rather dangerous for all purposes. If you do not want to raise the risk of developing prostrate cancer, you should try to limit the intake of these substances.

4. Alcohol: The bitter truth is that, as a man, you may need to put a permanent stop to taking alcohol, because findings suggests that heavy alcohol drinkers (people who consume more than three bottles of alcohol in a single day) are twice as likely to develop prostrate cancer.


I would no longer like to confuse you with all the biochemical processes that lead to the development of chemicals in the body from the aforementioned meals that cause or expose you to prostrate cancer. However, just make sure that you keep your intake of these foods to the minimum and follow the guidelines.

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