Men Confess To Craziest Things They Have Done To Sleep With Women

Men Confess To Craziest Things They Have Done To Sleep With Women



Men in Zimbabwe have opened up and confessed to some of the outrageous things they have done in the past to sleep with women.

The men opened up on some of the lengths they have gone to, on a social media thread exploring how far men will go to get into someone’s pants.

Worryingly, it seems that many people who responded faked being God-fearing church loving men to pull one over their targets. In most of the encounters, it appears that there were no long term plans.

Below are some of the responses on some of the craziest things that Zimbabwean men have done to sleep with women.

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whats the craziest thing you have ever done just to eat someone?

✋I got baptized ku church kwake ku SDA.


I don’t do extreme like that, but I saw something similar when I was a wee sprog

Some drunk dude, stopped drinking, got baptised at the SDA, on the wedding day, guy akatakurwa nebhara adhakwa foshoro and that was the last day he set his foot inside a church


I went to her church kuHwisiri and then pabvunzwa vaenzi and those warikuda kutendeuka I stood up mission was completed I chowed her after church.


Ndakambopinda sowe zve three ma weekends, tsoro ikabva yabuda bhobho bva ndatanga kuva busy busy asi nguva yekuti auye paden ndaiiwana zvekuti.


Ndakatombopinda watchtower, yuuh they sang like crows and frogs apa makumbo ndakanyimwa still…..its hard being a man bafethu!


Ndakamboenda kwaMakandiwa


Boss ndakaenda ku all night prayer sitting next to chimunhu Bible sitting on both our legs holding hands and saying amen in a vibrant maner only to go home nemunhu kuma 1 am for some serious sxing till morning.


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Yhooo, its sad. We are living in the last days, you need to wail, you may have spoiled someone’s life and spirituality.KJV Isaiah 5:18
18 Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope:

“woe to him who causes one of these to fall”


Bunked some of my lectures to attend Pharmacy lectures so that he could notice me. That time I was studying engineering 🤡


Ndakatenga maTM ne US 😭😭 she worked there.


I booked munhu a return plane ticket from Cape Town to Harare. Clownery.


Please share your own experiences in the comment section.

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